8 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rock 2019

Be are at the fag end of 2018, it’s about time we took stock of the digital marketing trends that will rock 2019.

Hello and welcome to another blog post from Team Blufig. It’s been a while since our last blog. Things have been pretty intense for all of us here. Not sure if you noticed, but we had a complete overhaul of our own brand, starting with the logo, our website and everything else that goes with it. More on that in a separate thread.

Back to today’s post. The digital marketing landscape never seems to settle down. Thanks to advancement in technology, coupled with new search and social media algorithms to contend with. The digital marketing space is rapidly changing, for the better.

Let us look at some of the latest trends that will rock 2019.

1. Mobile Indexing

Mobile indexing is now done first as against desktop indexing. So, if you do not have a website that is responsive, you are already late. If you do have one, make sure that it is optimized and easy to use (the speed, loading time for all pages, image optimization, usability, etc.) Making your website/ page load faster and improving the mobile experience consistently is detrimental for online success. 

Users are now more likely to search for and purchase product/services through mobile phones as against few years earlier. The ‘mobile-first’ approach by Google will continue well into 2019.

2. High Quality Visual Content

I cannot emphasize how important it is to have high quality visual content on websites. Audience attention spans are reducing, it is important to have visual content that communicates precisely what you have to offer and why they should read further. 

Visual content is also an important factor for search engine ranking. With better ranking comes better conversion opportunity. Content is still the most important factor in this highly competitive game, and search engines still rank quality content above everything else. But it definitely pays more today if you use original visuals that persuade visitors to stay a bit longer and understand what you have to offer.

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3. Voice Search Importance Is Rising

Voice-activated devices like Google Home (or Google Assistant), Amazon’s Echo (or Alexa) and Apple’s Siri are changing the world of search queries. Creating quality content with the user’s intent in mind becomes more important now. For example, the type of keyword they use with the advent of voice search will be quiet open ended, longer and more specific (think conversational tones, natural speech etc).
It should also be noted that reviews for a product will now increase in numbers as it is easier for customers to give a rating when their devices ask them on how many stars they would allot to the product they had just purchased.

For many products, this is also the time to make sure they are listed with the accurate location, as users prefer to search for products which are available near them.

4. Long Tail Keywords Are More Important

Long tail keywords are gaining prominence as visitors prefer to use natural language in their search queries. Gone are the days where users would use terms like ‘burger + NYC’ in their searches. Today, visitors are more likely to search ‘where can I find the best burger in town under 5$’

Long tail keywords are low in volume but extremely targeted and designed for engagement/ conversion. It is important to have a strategy around long tail keywords for your business to effectively monetize on this growing trend.

5. Dual Style Of Content

Establishing a human connect with the audience and incorporating simple long-tail keywords into the content is going to make it feel more personal and credible to the reader. When you take such an approach, make sure the content is created keeping the audience in mind.

We do not want it to look like redundant keywords have been added forcefully just to bump search rankings. A simpler voice and tone would go a long way in making it easier for you to include similar simpler long-tailed keywords too. Subtle steps like including videos, introducing the employees who are more likely to meet or assist the customer as and when he visits the store or speaks on the phone would be a fantastic value-added proposition to your business. 

This way, you are pushing your search engine rankings up (with simple long tail keywords) and at the same time connecting more with your audience using simple language.

6. Structured Data To Show Relevant Details In Search Results

If you can add as much relevant details as possible to the structured data, it helps the customer as well as increases your rankings in the search result. 

The keyword that a particular user chooses (especially through a voice search) is bound to be a long tailed keyword, it is easy to get more reviews and even without a click, the user gets almost all the details from the search result page itself as you can easily view from the illustration give below. This is a wonderful way to improve your traffic, your relevance, value to the customer and higher SEO rankings.

When you search for ‘baked chicken recipe’, you can see this structured data result popping up on the first page and even without clicking the link and going to their website, one is able to get most of the information immediately.

7. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is another area which will continue to grow steadily in 2019. Though it’s not a new trend but the adoption is growing rapidly. We wrote a blog explaining ‘What is content marketing and why it is so important’, you may want to check it out via this link.

8. Chatbots

The usages of bots is becoming a norm in today’s day and age. Chatbots provide a great way for businesses to leverage incoming traffic to your website. It not only engages the visitor by guiding them in their journey but also provides valuable insights on their behavior, intent, drivers, etc.

Chatbots mimic human agents. They help you not only have meaningful dialogues with your visitors but also collect data, provide resources and make the visitors journey delightful.

Though Chatbots are at their early stage of maturity, but they will get only better in the coming years.

Summing It Up,

Digital Marketing trends will keep evolving. While the trends of today may become obsolete in the next few months. It is important to analyze and understand the trends that could have an impact on your business operations.

Are there any other new trends that you have noticed? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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