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Tech Brand Marketing Need Not Be a Constant Struggle

The key to successful tech brand marketing for B2B business is to craft a brand strategy and marketing campaign that is clear and compelling in terms of content. 

Data-Driven Performance Marketing Services for B2B Revenue Optimization

Using data analytics to optimize advertising is termed “data-driven performance marketing.” This method boosts targeting, customisation, and ROI by using real-time data. 

The Need For A Specialised Marketing Agency For B2B Tech Biz

In the complex world of B2B technology, businesses grapple with unique challenges when it comes to marketing their products and services. 

Generative AI and impact on the digital marketing industry

Blufig, with a global reach, influences the B2B tech ecosystem worldwide. Amit Thakkar, discusses the key to scaling success, with


SaaS marketing is not like any other type of marketing. It requires a deep understanding of your target audience, your product value proposition, and your customer journey. 

Check out what the Digital Marketing industry expected

The pivotal Union Budget 2024 will shape the Indian economy’s trajectory, outlining the government’s priorities for the next five years after the 2024 elections.