Blufig Chronicles: The Year In Review

The final chapter of 2019 is here. As we approach a brand new decade full of possibilities, let us spend a moment to reflect on our growth and progress throughout this year. To do so, we are dedicating the last blog post of 2019 to our ambitions, achievements, and aspirations in the rich landscape of digital marketing. 

Since the inception of Blufig more than 2 years ago, we have continually evolved at a brisk rate, thanks to the exciting opportunities that came our way. From a 4-member team this time last year, we have grown into a full-fledged digital marketing agency serving over 2 dozen customers. The credit goes to our skilled team of enthusiastic individuals whose passion for creativity has helped Blufig establish itself as a leader in the marketing domain.

The team celebrating 2 years of Blufig with a day at an adventure resort

Speaking of domains, 2019 has been a special year because we discovered our niche in the business. Earlier, our marketing efforts used to focus only on crafty website development, social media for B2B companies and driving leads through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 2019 made us realize that we hadn’t tapped into our real strength yet – Content marketing for B2B companies. Finding new ground helped us take our creativity to the next level and combine it with brand-relevant and thought-provoking content for our clients. Over the last year, we have polished and perfected our content writing and marketing skills to help our clients build a brand that they are proud of.

2019 was also the year when Blufig got its recognition in the digital marketing industry. DesignRush took notice of our efforts in churning out and promoting refined content for B2B companies and named us the Best Content Marketing Agency. A short while after, declared Blufig as one of the top Video Production Agencies in the industry after they interviewed our clientele directly to understand our business strategy better. 

A proud moment as we received the mCube award

Our biggest win of 2019 was when we were awarded the prestigious mCube award for the Best Digital Campaign for an IT/ITES Enterprise. Inkspell Media’s Masters of Modern Marketing Awards or the mCube Awards are aimed at recognizing the best in the business – the marketing heroes who strive non-stop at the backstage to create a successful brand image for their clients. 

Mid 2019, Blufig participated in the Ananda Yan charity run organized by Runner’s High. The exhilarating experience along with the satisfaction of being able to fulfill our social responsibility made the event even more memorable for the entire team.

The Blufig team at the marathon, running on ideas and energy

From adding new members to the team to making our clients reach the zenith of their digital presence, this has been a fruitful year of progress, prosperity and productivity for Blufig. 2019 saw us move twice to bigger office space, add new services like UI design to our portfolio of offerings and most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to associate with clients who helped us shape our brand into what we are today. 

As we enter a fresh new year, we want to take this opportunity to extend our utmost gratitude to our clientele for placing their trust in us. With our expertise and efforts in digital and content marketing for B2B companies, we wish to forge deeper, more meaningful relationships with our customers in the upcoming years.

Wrapping up, Team Blufig looks forward to more challenges, more learnings and more doings – as we continue to add new services to our array of digital marketing solutions next year. With our ‘creativity-on-the-go’ motto, we anticipate that 2020 will bring more opportunities and good surprises our way! 

All smiles as we hail the closure of 2019 with Christmas celebrations at the office

The dawn of a new decade is almost here. As we inch closer to the end of 2019, the celebrations have just begun and the camera is bursting with people and smiles. Happy New Year to one and all!

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