B2B CXO’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Be it banks, utilities, retail, or tech, virtually all sectors are now demonstrating their digital maturity and inclination to utilize technology for better communication and customer engagement

Modern companies are even hiring CXOs and Chief Experience Officers to create the digital experience they want their partners and customers to enjoy.

Digital Marketing, though a clichéd term is becoming strategic for businesses of all sizes. Yet, not everyone is able to realise its full potential.

CXOs across industries have at some point burnt their fingers in their quest for decabol the perfect marketing operation. They have invested quite a bit only to see it deliver mediocre results in many cases and no results in some. No wonder they are cautious in venturing further in this unfamiliar territory.

In this post we will deep dive into the most effective digital strategies and how CXOs can leverage it to their advantage.

1. Content Marketing

The primary objective of content marketing is to increase brand awareness and visibility by generating and distributing high-quality educational content that is of value to your target audience.

It’s the new way of promoting one’s brand without being overly sales-ey about it. Content Marketing has been extremely successful for B2B brands that are willing to invest resources and time in a consistent manner.

You may want to check out this page to learn more about the content marketing process.

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2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing needs no introduction. Being active and engaging via social media has become a basic hygiene for brands. If you get it right, social media can be a great medium to drive amazing following, engagement, traffic and conversions for the business. 

Having said that, it is not a channel that will get you results overnight. It would require consistent engagement and generation of original, quality content which resonates with your audience.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, the founding block of Digital Marketing, receives mixed reaction from brands as well as people. SEO still remains the fastest and the most important way to drive conversions and leads for businesses. 

SEO practices have matured over the years. The focus has shifted to content driven strategic approach where quality content is rated higher over low authority backlinks. Given the pace at which search engine algorithms are updated, it is important for brands to follow a disciplined white-hat approach that will reap benefits on the long run.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / PPC/ Ads

The traffic you get to your website can be earned or bought. While SEO focuses on earned traffic, SEM/ Ads brings paid traffic by way of Google Adwords, Social Ads, etc. 

Paid marketing works best when the campaign objective is to drive traffic and conversion in a short period of time. 

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing still remains the most affordable and effective mode of marketing for B2B companies. Given the advancement in email marketing tools, together with availability of lead capture BOTS; email Marketing can work wonders if implemented correctly depending on the profile of your target audience and the category of your product or service.

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6. Become A Thought Leader

Tell the world what you know and show them value. It’s an effective PR skill that requires a good strategy and concentrated efforts.

This way, you can help your customers solve problems and charge a premium for your product/service.

For effective thought leadership strategies, you need to identify your niche and your target audience and offer them unique ideas and solutions through ingenious content.

You can thus influence others, inspire minds, generate good leads and take your brand to the next level.

All Good Things Take Time

As with everything else, your marketing strategy will also take time to fructify. The touch points are many and the journey can be rather long given the diversity of buyers. Through a multi-layered, data-driven marketing strategy, you can realise your goals and bridge the gap between you and your customers in a more effective manner.

More than the measures, it’s the understanding that counts. A good digital marketing operation comes from people who have years of experience and who have been there, done that for multiple businesses.

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