Welcome to Blufig – Your Marketing Buddy

Blufig is what happens when mavericks of their own walks get together over coffee and coincidences.

We are a full-service marketing agency with special focus on Inbound, Digital & Creative. People tell me, that covers the complete gambit. So how are you different?

Well, my answer to that is, we are not different, We are Unique.

We are a classic cross breed of a typical advertising agency and digital agency blended with Inbound at its core. What that means is, we are as creative as an advertising agency, as technically adept as a digital agency and as process driven as a modern Inbound Marketing outfit.

Blufig was incepted with a vision to fill a glaring gap in the marketplace. Having run marketing functions for fortune companies and startup’s, we realized customers were tired of dealing with multiple agencies and burning their hands in the hope to find the perfect integrated marketing agency.

What customers want is someone who understands their domain, has been in their shoes and takes accountability with regards to their marketing programs.

Blufig serves three distinct market segments.

1. Startups 

If you are Startup, Blufig is the perfect fit for you. Having run marketing divisions for startup’s, we understand your aspirations, challenges, limitations and opportunities, Blufig acts as your Outsourced CMO. We take out the risk and investment of having an established CMO on board from day one. Marketing being such a strategic function for startup’s, it is imperative to invest in the right partner who is accountable for your growth and who will not break the bank to get you started.

2. Tech Companies  

Tech is in our blood. We have worked for large and small tech brands dealing with agencies and building highly successful marketing teams as well. Just ask for our portfolio and you will know, you have found a friend in us. For Tech Companies we act as a trusted partner and implementer of ideas. You can throw anything at us, and be assured that you will get nothing but the best.

3. Established Corporates

We have been fortunate enough to be part of some high-profile marketing programs for Enterprises. For Corporates, we act as your extended delivery arm. We put your ideas into action. Whether it’s a new product launch, viral campaign or marketing ops related initiative, Blufig is your OnDemand Marketer.

Give us a shout! We love free coffee and would scale several notches to earn it from you

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