SEO link building is still relevant in 2019

Importance Of SEO Link Building For Website Traffic

SEO link building is one of the core elements of Off-page SEO. It is how you convince Google that your page is worthy of being on the first page of the search results. 

A link is similar to a referral or even a recommendation. When you get a link from a website, it means that website trusts your information. Hence, the more authoritative the source of the link, the better it is for your site.

Why Is SEO Link-Building Important?

Backlinks act as a source of recommendation or a vote from another site to suggest that your site is credible and it is worthy of attention. Search engines consider the number of relevant backlinks to a site as an important factor. Link-building is one of the most powerful off-page SEO strategies.

 The process of earning more backlinks is called link building and since this is an important part of an SEO strategy, it is often called SEO link building. Even if you optimize your site as much as possible, without sufficient backlinks, you are not going to scale the rankings on Google.

We Will Examine The 5 Main Aspects Of Link-Building And Why They Are Important:


A company blog enables you to increase the number of relevant inbound links which in-turn directs your customers to the main pages of your website. This leads to an increased traffic and even the time spent on your website by a potential client increases. 

Guest blogging is another method used in link building. A guest post or a blog is something you write on someone else’s blog. The important thing here is to make sure that the blog content is relevant and provides something useful to your audience. Once you have posted there, you now have the opportunity to include links back to your blog. 

It is not an easy process but if your content is powerful and the other blog is equally relevant and a good fit, you have a great chance to get a lot of new links and thereby more followers too (back to your own blog)

When it comes to SEO link building, blog writing & guest posting are very important. Besides helping you get more links, they are more important for many other reasons 

They lead to,

  • Increased website traffic
  • Improves writing skill
  • Increased traffic which leads to new leads
  • Google authorship
  • Brand awareness
  • Increases authority (showing your expertise in an area)

These advantages are fairly self-explanatory in how they can help you. Guest posting is one of the most helpful tactics of link-building. But make sure to use relevant websites for all your guest posts.


Another great way to SEO link building is to obtain relevant customer testimonials on your website. Such customer feedbacks form major advertisement tools for your product and services.


Strong credibility and authority is built due to honest customer testimonials. Often, customers trust testimonials more than the company website information since a company will always highlight only the positive side of their services/products.

Often, customer testimonials end up in explaining your product attributes and unique features (besides being credible too). It could also end up in showing others how it can solve their problems in a specific manner.

More conversions are likely to materialize due to the above reasons.


Simply put, asking for a link on a relevant website and getting it done is amazingly productive to boost your website. Why is it one of the most sought out and yet one of the hardest part of link building?

It is

  • Difficult to get
  • It should be done on real, relevant websites
  • It is unscalable for most of your competitors

When you consistently build such backlinks that meet the above standards, it is a powerful mechanism that puts you in an enviable position that is, like we mentioned, very hard to beat or replicate. Besides, linking to related domains increases the credibility and quality of your site which improves your SEO.


Infographics has become a very popular method in link-building. The qualities of the designs are varied and the style is becoming more popular. It requires an embed code to be generated and then added to your website. Infographics can also be used to ask bloggers to share the same.

Including an embed code and a link to your infographic (in your own blog) is important since viewers can then post it on their sites or even share it on other digital channels (facebook, twitter etc). Whenever someone does this, it will display the complete version and link back to it.


When it comes to link-building, It isn’t enough to just focus on keyword-driven on-site content. For better backlinks and SEO link building, you have to create high quality & newsworthy content that you can pitch to other sites and acquire links.

This enhances your site’s authority and builds more traffic. From the details given here, you can clearly observe that everything is interconnected. Out of all the SEO measures, SEO link building is one of the most important.

It still matters for organic SEO success whether you are a small store or a large corporation.

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