Blufig Adds Another Jewel to Its Crown! - Wins a Gold at the Master of Modern Marketing Awards & Conference

Prepare to be inspired once again as we unveil another tale of digital marketing brilliance. Our creative and marketing team has once again taken centre stage at the illustrious mCube (Master of Modern Marketing) Awards, garnering attention from the very best in the business. Le t’s delve into the journey that propelled Ginesys, a pioneering force in Retail Tech, to unprecedented heights. 

Meet Ginesys: Igniting the Retail Tech Revolution 

In the dynamic realm of Retail Tech, Ginesys stands tall, providing software solutions to fashion retailers, supermarkets, and lifestyle brands. Offering an extensive array of solutions spanning Enterprise Resource Planning, Point of Sale, Customer Loyalty, E-commerce, and Retail Analytics, Ginesys was primed for a breakthrough. 

Blufig’s Play 

Enter Blufig, a young and promising company known for its strategic B2B digital marketing. The team took the reins of Ginesys’ campaign and executed a harmonious blend of integrated digital marketing, brand enhancement, and digital lead generation. Blufig orchestrated a seamless journey for Ginesys, from strategy to execution, and ensured Ginesys’ strategic presence across diverse digital channels. With well-coordinated efforts, our team of marketing experts composed a symphony of branding elements that resonated with the target audience. 

Here at Blufig, we believe that a robust brand foundation is at the heart of any triumphant campaign, and our team did just that to amplify Ginesys’ digital footprint and elevated brand visibility. Another pit stop of this major campaign was lead generation – the lifeblood of any business. Our team harnessed a range of marketing strategies on digital platforms to fuel digital conversions. 

The Outcome 

The results speak volumes about Blufig’s prowess and Ginesys’ innovation in all facets of the campaign, from pageviews to digital engagement to web presence; you name it. What’s more? Performance metrics witnessed a positive surge, validating the effectiveness of the campaign on multiple fronts. The team didn’t just meet campaign goals; they surpassed them across various channels, exemplifying unwavering dedication. 

Customer Delight 

Mr. Rohit Khetan, VP Marketing at Ginesys, commended Blufig: “partnership spans over two years. We’ve witnessed consistent progress in traffic, engagement, and lead flow.” 

A Grateful Tribute 

As the campaign reached its pinnacle, gratitude flowed from the core team. Business Manager – Nrusingha Sahoo expressed heartfelt appreciation, “I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the team’s dedication and creativity that fueled this triumph. Blufig’s partnership with Ginesys laid the bedrock for this victory.” 

A Digital Overture 

Blufig and Ginesys’ partnership epitomizes the potency of strategic digital marketing. Through innovation, meticulous execution, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, success is attainable even in a challenging landscape. 

As the team continues to craft marketing masterpieces, Ginesys shines as a stellar example of how collaboration, innovation, and dedication can redefine the Retail Tech industry. 

Our founder & CEO, Amit Thakkar, encapsulated the journey perfectly. He cites, “I would like to dedicate the award to Blufig’s loyal customers,” reflecting the essence of their success – diligence, dedication, and a customer-centric approach.  

In the words of Amit Thakkar, “Blufig’s mission is to realize B2B tech companies’ marketing aspirations.” This jewel in the crown only encourages the team to look beyond the horizon. In measure, the sky’s the limit. 

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